This ex cartel runner turned CEO created a prison workout worth trying

September 15, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

“Embrace the suck.”

My boyfriend once employed this saying in the middle of my least loved (but very necessary) workout.

And, yes, I did initially give him the “that’s what she said” face before really letting this one marinate in my brain. (He’d’ve been disappointed had I not.) But, ever since, I’ve always thought about it whenever I hafta do something I can’t convince myself is awesome. From cleaning toilets to sitting in traffic, there’s always something soul sucking that we simply opposite of love. And we just can’t pretend we do. Fortunately, for me, working out usually isn’t one of them. There’s at least a handful of activities I adore. I’m lucky. But what about you? Do you hate exercise? If so, you’re not alone, homeslice. For a good many’ve my friends, exercise is just something unlovable. They’ve tried every kind they can imagine. And each one won their “most loathed activity” award. Sure, they feel better afterward – for having done it. But the simple fact’s that they detest sweating and there’s no kind’ve exercise they like. They solely soldier through it ‘cause “they have to” to keep fit. For them, it feels like a perpetual punishment for eating. The workout is their sentence. And the gym – their prison.

But, now, thanks to one ex-con’s fitness program, everyone who doesn’t love body movin’ can quit faking.

They can embrace the suckiness.

Haters of hot Equinoxes can finally call a thing a thing. Because – what this thing is – is a program called ConBody. The aforementioned dude who started it, Coss Marte, dreamed it up while serving a seven year sentence for running a drug cartel. See, Marte wasn’t always fit. Quite the contrary. In fact, at the height of his unhealthiness, he was told by a doc that he was gonna kick the bucket behind bars if he didn’t start dropping pounds with a quickness. So, he did. He dropped 70 pounds in half a year. But homeboy didn’t stop there. After getting his own weight stable, he went on to assist a good 20 of his buddies in chucking a grand tally of 1,000 pounds.

Now, while those are some seriously impressive stats, Marte’s awesomery wasn’t about to stop. Rather, it was about to grow. After getting a taste of self affirmation and validation – and how good it feels to help others reach a goal – he’d made up his mind. As a free man, he was going to make something of himself. See, being a “businessman” wasn’t foreign to him. But, while he’d done it in his past life as a drug kingpin, he was now going to be pushing something legal. He was going to push people – to reach their best potential.

That’s when he opted to bring ConBody to life.

What it comprises is lot of body weight exercises. And, while that sounds simple, it’s all happening at a high intensity. Coss describes it as a combo of military boot camp techniques – mixed with a few things he picked up in prison. The result? A class that quickly whips you into shape (when combined with the right kind’ve diet, obvi.) And the beauty of it? You don’t need a penitentiary or even a clink themed gym to do Marte’s workout. You can complete your own weight loss journey from the comfort of your own abode, leave when you like, and head out into the world to enjoy your fit new self.

So, go on and embrace the suck. Give prison fitness a try.

Break out’ve that cell of unhealth you’ve been sentencing yourself to for far too long.

And enjoy the freedom of a fit, new you.

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