The tool you need for post workout recovery

December 7, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

You know what sucks about walking out’ve a massage?

Well, other than getting too relaxed?

It’s knowing that you’re probably gonna be a knot-ball all over again in a week.

And not able to afford another sesh with Mischka the masseuse.

Which is why my fix for this, in the past, has been the foam roller. And, don’t get me wrong. That delightful column of concrete (or at least how that’s how it feels on my TFL) is great. It’s lovely for legs and glutes and lower back, that is. But what about those tight muscles up in your middle back? And shoulders? These’ve been the bane of my existence since forever. In fact, often times I’ll literally feel like Batman’s masked nemesis (Bane? Get it?) ’cause my mid back gets so tight, it even restricts my breathing. Unlike Bane, however, the feeling’s the opposite’ve anasthetizing. (#EsotericStorylineReferences) But, whether you’re a BatFan or not, here’s something we all can agree on: tight muscles straight up hurt. But until I do find a way to pump aerosol drugs into my face holes like a comic book villain, I need a different fix. Something other than my ill fitting foam roller. Because that badboy’s just too big to fit between my wingbones.

Enter… the plexus wheel.

See, with the plexus, all those issues go away. Why? Because it attacks your back muscles lengthwise. This is great for a few reasons. The first is that not all muscle fibers run in the same direction, so it’s nice to isolate the ones you can’t get with a horizontally placed foam roller. Also, since it’s lengthwise, you can finally get to all those little body bits the roller misses. What’s more, since it’s not a rod made’ve hard foam, that means it’s not clunking over your spine or giving you bruises in lieu of releasing the meat between your shoulder blades. (Not to mention how tough it is to relax any muscles when you’re causing yourself pain elsewhere.)

And, you wanna know what’s even better?

The Plexus peeps recognize we (and our body knots) come in all shapes and sizes.

Which’s why they made a trifecta.

(This’s the kinda gift you give to bae, full well knowing you’re gonna steal it three seconds later.)

In sum? I actually might just buy all three, wrap ‘em up, plant them under the Christmas tree, and sign it “from me to me” this year. Because I’ve decided something. When it comes to my mid and upper back, I’m officially ditching both the roller and the Russian masseuse (who never quite gets the right pressure anyway). I mean, really. Why waste funds on a one time, mediocre deal (or extra pain every day, for that matter) when I can get awesomery for my body daily – and know it’s gonna be perfect every time?

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