The safest way to quell that smell post weight loss workout

September 11, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

You wanna know what’s wonderful?

Seeing when all of your sweaty efforts have caused some serious weight loss. Less wonderful, though?

The telltale sign of that other loss (body water AKA sweat) happening during the activity part’ve process.

(That staaaank, tho.)

Ah, yes. The dreaded B.O.

Most of us body movers’ve gotten used to it. But if you’re the lady rockin’ your weight loss workout between work (or even just working up a good layer o’ perspiration while heading to work), you’re not alone. I hear ya girl. (*Raises symbolic glass to cheers you*) And that’s why something we can all cheers together is this Native Naturals deodorant I just came across. It’s simply blissful. Especially since they’re all in scents matching your fave brunch cocktails (Like Rosé, Sangria, or Mimosa.)

But, aside from the fact that this stuff’s stellar scented, there’s yet another bonus.

See, when we think about our weight loss goals, we’ve gotta scale back on the scale-centric part of it, and see the bigger picture. What do we really want from our wellness path? Well, wellness, duh. We want health. Longevity. Vitality. I mean, we don’t want to just look uh-mazing. (Hopefully… right?) We want to be it. We want to be fit, well, and healthy enough to go deposit our awesomery across the planet. But it’s pretty tough to do that if we’re suffering from some awful malady – like breast cancer or Alzheimer’s. And, yes, that escalated quickly (and darkly). But that’s only ’cause most of these diseases can as well. That’s if we’re not watching out for and defending against the causes of them. That said, unfortunately, most of your basic antiperspirants indeed harbor a toxin in ’em that causes exactly that: aluminum. Lucky for us, though, we needn’t worry about any’ve those issues with Native Naturals. It’s got nada but stuff like beeswax, Vitamin E, and coconut oil in it.

All the fun of brunch minus the toxins in alcohol or aluminum?

Hellz ya, I’ll drink (a champagne-less mimosa) to that.

So, go ahead, girl… chase your sweat with some sweetness.

And let everyone get drunk off’ve your anti-funk.

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