Peet’s non-dairy PSL is better to the taste and for your waist

September 17, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

The seasonal winds give a hint of shifting, and BOOM.

All the stores’re suddenly stuffed with Autumnal goodness.

But we all know what we’re most amped about, right?

Yes, as Starbucks performs its timeless ritual of posting PSL signs (while temps are still in the four digit range), we all make the same jokes. It’s basic. Boring. Cliché. The name of it alone’s synonymous with the image of a girl named Becky, laden in leggings, headed to an expensive yoga class, and snapchatting her order the moment it’s ready. Yawn. But you know what? There’s nada basic about it for we, the vegans of the world. That’s right. I’m talking about those’ve us who once enjoyed this drink – only to shudder and chug bleach when we learned the sauce’s got dairy ingredients in it. Once we found out there were tricks in our treat, most’ve us quit swilling the stuff and reached for alternatives. And, thereafter, sadly did we gander at the signs each fall. And smell that autumnal taunt wafting from the insides of the café. That perpetual reminder that we couldn’t join everyone else in enjoying this overpriced concoction.

That is – until something better happened.

Something called Peet’s.

Peets’ PSL.

You see, boys and girls, believe it or not – there are other coffee shops that do exist.

And they do make specialty drinks as well. What’s more, they (*braces for backlash*) even have better beverages than Starbucks. (Sometimes.) Peet’s just happens to be on this list of superior sip-ables. And, unbeknownst to many, they’ve even got a non-dairy pumpkin spice latte available for those who are either on a plant based diet – or who just can’t handle moo juice in any form. The bonus? It’s also pretty great if losing weight or improving fitness is a priority for you. For example, if you get the soy version of it, you’re truly winning at weight loss. You get fewer calories, fewer carbs, a lower amount of cholesterol, and a higher level of iron than you would with the dairy options. But it gets even better than that. ‘cause if you stack those levels up against Starbucks tall PSL – even the soy version – they still slay the mermaid coffee competish; there’re about half the calories at Peet’s, almost 50 fewer carbs, and none’ve the cholesterol (while Starbucks has a whopping 25 g.) And this, in turn, means you don’t hafta feel too bad about that bit’ve whipped indulgence they offer. That’s right. Peet’s even has whipped cream of the vegan variety. If you’re a newer vegan, like myself, do you remember the fun of fluffy, sweet coffee toppers? Well, Peet’s is letting us revel in exactly that yet again – minus any’ve the dairy. How? With the Halloween magic of coconut whipped cream. Even the almighty Starbucks, for all its unicornery, can’t match that.

So, if you’re bummed about Fall’s lack of plant based pumpkin-y beverage selections, fear not.

This Hallow’s eve, merely enjoy your caffeinated treat minus the tricks at Peet’s.

And indulgently enjoy watching the pounds fall away this fall.

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