Over those overpriced Barre classes? Try Barre hop at home instead!

September 21, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

So, a couple years back, I tried this thing called “barre”.

By mixing pilates and ballet moves, the practice promises to deliver you a “Black Swan” body.

And, ya know what?

If paired with a decent diet, they aren’t wrong. Barre is, bar none, the most graceful way to kick your own buns into shape. Yes, despite its leg-shaking level evil, Barre’s a fantastic weight loss and physique whittling activity. With those standing-dog-over-a-fire-hydrant moves that have the whole studio quaking, it hits those isometric muscles, targets your derriere from all directions, and truly helps you morph your body into something akin to a lean ballerina’s. On a results level, barre legitimately delivers.

And, while that’s great, I’m always looking for that level up.

For example, for me, I’d love something that accomplishes that whole lean Nutcracker dancer look and gets my blood pumper thumping, all while appealing to my chronic longing to be entertained during a workout. (Is that asking so much, really?) Apparently it’s not asking too much, actually. Because some sweet soul indeed came up with a hip hop form of barre called “Barre Hop”. I just encountered this routine a few days ago. And, it might just be my new pointe shoe shoo-in. With the high BPM’s of the soundtrack, your heart rate rises, inspiring you to put more into it – both with the muscle power and the cardio part of it. And, with that higher level of effort, this means you can shizcan some of those other (less pleasant) cardio workouts you usually do.

What’s more, said entertainment element’s definitely injected into there as well.

(Yes, beyond the fun and pun-ny name.)

(Get it? Get it?! Ahhh?)

See, I personally love stuff like trail running or kickboxing because there’s an element of freedom in each. There’s constant novelty. Similarly, the fact that a dance bit’s infused into this barre hip hop reboot, makes it all the more alluring. See, not only is dancing fab for fat blasting, but it’s also straight up fun. And fun is like a fastforward button for your workout. Some of us tend to forget that little detail when it comes to exercise selecting. Sure, for some, exercise is just loathesome. They don’t enjoy it. Sweat takes them from delighted to depressed in a matter of moments. (Which, if that’s you, then definitely try this I’ll-workout-but-I-refuse-to-like-it ConBody program designed by an ex-con.)

But, for most of us, it’s just a matter of finding the right kind’ve activity that lets us lose weight without hating it. Something that makes our insides smile while our pores cry. And, if you’re having fun (by bopping about like a club kid) while doing your weight loss workout, then guess what? Studies show that you’re far more likely to stick with it until you reach your weight loss goals. Far more than, say, riding a hate wave through your stint on the elliptical.

So, if you feel like you’re behind bars with your barre routine, then lose the studio.

And lots of weight, too!

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