Lose weight without losing money by buying in bulk

September 6, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

Ya wanna know one’ve the most annoying things about being healthy?

The cost.

Am I right, clean eating ladies ‘n gents? I mean, if you’re on a mostly green diet, you tend to get your stuff hot off the plant press – from the produce aisle. Bananas. Berries. Spinach. All the stuff has the potential to lose freshness fast. And that means you have to get everything frequently (so you’re not biting into, ya know, moldy Drisoll’s.) And this also means that you’re probably spending an insane amount of money.

(“No, ma’am. It appears we can *not* accept your first – or second – born in place of legal tender…”)

But, ya know what?

It doesn’t hafta be that way. See, just the other day, I was talking to my mom about joining Costco. But, after mistakenly thinking I couldn’t buy any of my healthy stuff en masse (’cause half’ve it’ll go bad before I can eat it), I kinda canned the idea. But, as if a sign from the dollar deities, I suddenly happened upon a magical list of healthy edibles you can nab from your local bulk-buy supplier (like Costco or Sam’s or whatever exists on whatever part of the planet your planted on.)

First, there’s quinoa, oats and rice.

High in fiber, these are a great way to regulate blood sugar ‘n keep you full. Caveat? Just make sure to get the kind of oats that’re low in refined sugar; ’cause that stuff hoards your fat, brings your energy down, and is the ultimate enemy of lessening that flesh around your middle. Then, there’s your I’m-in-a-rush fig and power type bars. (Although, be careful – ‘cause sometimes they come with hidden sugar and calories.) While I prefer most of my foods whole ‘n fresh, I am indeed pursuing an advanced degree ATM. (That’s a fancy way of saying: I’m an impoverished student right now.) And that means I’m quickly seeing the upside to downing a fig bar on the go every so often when I’ve got negative ten minutes to spare between lecture and lab.

(These are great when you forget to bring a banana or something similarly satiating to work or school.)

Then, there’s the one I didn’t even think of to buy more than one of at a time – frozen stuff.

Example? My whole wheat breads. (I wonder which sellers have my Ezekiel?) See, these you can freeze and leave till you’re ready for ’em. But there’s a caveat for these guys too. And that’s to avoid neglecting them in their frozen abode for too terribly long. (Along with most other stuff you freeze.) Why? Because: freezer burn. Some people tell me they can’t taste the difference. But I could pass a blindfold test for detecting the difference between fresher food and those tainted by a blistery chill.

Then, there’s the pop corn. Sure, it doesn’t sound super healthy – but it can totes be a healthy go-to for Friday night movie snacks if you get the “Nearly Naked” brand. You get all the fun of going to the movies, but none’ve the buttery badness that puts on the pounds. And, last but opposite-of-least, is the biggest duh that’s a biggie in weight loss: water. Water never goes bad. But your health, wellness, and weight loss efforts definitely will if you don’t suck a significant amount of it down daily. So, why not buy it in bulk?

Again, not everything you require for a higher health level can be bought in bulk. But that’s no reason not to stock up on the ones you can. (Especially if it saves the money you might otherwise lose on your fit diet.) And, lucky for us, there are a good grabful of these badboys that I’ve been wasting money on at Wegmans or Harris Teeter – by waiting to re-up on them until they run out. But, had I bought them cheaper and en masse, I’d have more money leftover to splurge on some’ve those cotton candy grapes, fresh figs, and other miscellaneous novelty noms. Indeed, after popping on my accounting visor, I’ve decided: making the food-haul switch for even just three or four of these items won’t just add health to the shelves of my pantry.

It’ll also add it back to my bank account.

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