How to take your fave weight loss workout from tired to inspired

August 20, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

As I finished a pre-work workout the other day, a burning inquiry occurred to me:

“Why is it that some people get energized by working out – while others feel depleted?”

See, when I speak to my pudgier buddies suffering from the “I don’t have the time” problem, I often hear the same rationale. After work, they’re too tired. And before work, they don’t wanna make themselves too tired via some tiring workout. They’re afraid that, if they carve out that time for a morning workout, they’ll be exhausted by the time the day even begins. And I get that. It makes sense, I suppose. But, but how does that explain those like myself? The people who do a half hour run before work – and even a light workout sometimes after, too?

(My coworkers’ collective explanation for how I wake up at four on the regular to do cardio)

Why do my exercises make me manic, while others panic at the prospect? Am I a superhuman robot woman? (Spoiler alert: nope and a half – otherwise I wouldn’t’ve found my keys in the freezer this morning.) Is it my energizing diet? Maybe. I mean, eating cleaner always means training meaner. Diet is over half of weight loss. So, sure, that’s a biggie. But it’s not the sole reason I can cardio or lift like a boss at dawn and sunset alike. So, aside from taking a metaphorical Swiffer to your dinner, lunch, ‘n breakfast, what other tweaks can make A.M. and P.M. training alike – make you feel alive?

Well, first, there’s hydration.

(Protip: this’s an excellent example of how *not* to hydrate. It has to actually go IN your body to work.)

Wash down your green eats with some agua – and make sure another’s on deck. Why? Staying hydrated is key for a phenomenal workout. I made the mistake of failing to hydrate sufficiently once before Muay Thai training. Once. The result? Aside from a sizable, lavender lump on my eyebrow from cognitive fog induced reduced reflexes? It felt like all my usual brutish battery juice had been mysteriously sieved out. I was as flaccid as fettucine. Not a great feeling. You wanna know what was, though? When I came back, two days later, properly hydrated, nourished, and ready for the sparring party. That was the day it snowed thai pad viscera all over the dojo.

Which reminds me – the kind of exercise you’re doing’s crucial too. If I’m on a treadmill listening to nothing entertaining or high on a BMP level, then, yeah. My workout’s gonna be boring. And, I dunno about you, but when I’m bored with an activity, it’s kinda tiring. It’s a mental exhaustion. That’s when what you’re doing requires willpower – which is a finite resource. Once that’s gone, it’s tough to go into your day making good and healthy decisions. By draining that first thing in the morning, the rest of the day does feel beleaguering. That’s why I only do exercise I can legitimately look forward to doing (like trail running and kickboxing). By adhering to that, I A.) don’t have to force myself in the morning to do it, and B.) feel invigorated and self affirmed after. That said, this comes with a caveat attached: if you’re like me, you might wanna greedily keep going for too long. Try to resist that feeling from sucking you in. ’cause, when it comes to the pre-work workout, there is too much of a good thing.

And, speaking of good things I also have too much of, how about nature’s pre-workout for your pre-work workout? That’s right. I mean caffeine. Because, according to researchers, if you wanna put a li’l oomph in your weight loss game, a cup’ve your favorite (unsullied by processed, refined sugar, mind you) brand of caffeine might be the answer. Aside from getting the only over the counter high that’s socially acceptable for you to have anywhere, this magical stuff also helps you torch more calories via increased fat oxidation and metabolic rate.

And that’s it. No need to worry about your workout wearing your down.

All you’ve gotta do (after shooting your snooze button in the face), is hydrate, caffeinate, lace up, and do a workout you dig. Just remember to hit the brakes on it within half an hour or so, and pop some whole food, plant based deliciousness down your esophagus throughout the day. (That’ll help keep some petrol in the brain ‘n body tank as well as prevent that tendency toward evil edibles that drain your energy). So, if you’re the “cognitive fog” and “lazy” type, give this mix a try, if you like. For yours truly, it’s served as the perfect elixir to allow A.M. workouts to feel easy, enjoyable, and empowering.

Go ahead. Get energized. Come join the up and at ’em “cut above” club with me.

Let’s let the haters think we’re alien robot gods.

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