How to stay “regular” the healthy way for weight loss

September 1, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

Are you regular?

No, I’m not saying “basic” in millennial-ese.

We’re talking poop here, ladies ‘n gents.

Indeed, it’s super crucial that we keep things moving as we move toward our weight loss goals. That said, said pound dropping path is often laden with many a glistening shortcut that’ll take you nowhere fast. Example? This post I just read about a supplement being used to “poop like clockwork” every morning. Sounds like a dream come true, right? But, the thing is a great many’ve us just buy a box of easy-way-out and fail to even check the ingredients. In the end, things usually don’t end up well for us. It’s either ineffective, gives us a different issue (thanks to side effects of artificial ingredients), or messes up our bowels – which’ve become dependent on this new, fake stranger to ever eject the remnants of any meal you eat. Now, while I won’t tell you what to do, I will give you a superior alternative. And, should you peruse your scoop of poop fuel’s label (and decide there’re too many can’t-prounounce-ems on that nutritional list), fear not. Many an au natch alternative await you…

(“Fetch me an enema immediately, please and thank you.”
“Apologies, ma’am, but the Westin front desk doesn’t offer that product or service.”)

The first? (Hint: it’s not an enema – but it’ll keep you from needing one.)

America’s favorite drug:


This stuff’s a beautiful twofer for health and weight loss. Sure, it’ll evict dinner from your viscera in a timely fashion. But, after you emerge from the loo feeling a littler lighter, yet another prize awaits. Unabating energy. (Because: caffeine… duh.) And that means your morning run or punching sesh’ll require a li’l less willpower than usual. And what if the java makes you jittery? Fear not – because I’ve found that sipping on its hippie sister – green tea – tends to be just as effective (if not more so) at sending me to the lav early in the day. Also like coffee, it offers a kick. Unlike coffee, though, it’s a nice, clear-headed buzz that won’t have you spazzing all the way through your day, culminating in a panic attack.

Then again, you might be completely against the uppers – natural or not. And, good for you, says I. Because, if that’s the case, there’s always the option of popping a couple of poop inducing foods into your diet in lieu. The good news? Most of them are pure deliciousness. With the help of prunes, orange juice, and other high fiber foods, a backed up bottom won’t be a problem anymore. But, just for good measure, make sure to wash some agua down with it. Staying hydrated will definitely help lube your tubes to move through any’ve the stuff you’re done with.

And if you’re still having issues?

Well, then, the issue might be that you’re a little more sedentary than you should be. (BTW: sedentary’s just a fancy way’ve saying “ya sit too much.”) Sound about right? Well, then, get up ‘n move, my love! Aside from the fact that activity’s also an important part of your weight loss journey, getting your body mobile means your bowels are too. When you’re up and about, your innards do a better job at something called peristalsis. In other words, they contract better and usher your oatmeal and OJ along with ease.

Then, as a final tip, here’s one from personal experience: Relax.

I know this because I’m terrible at it. And, as a creative writer, I’ll draw a comparison. Pooping and creativity are a lot alike. If you’re stressed out, nothing comes out in a lovely way. It’s painful, strained, and unsatisfying. Similarly, all your autonomic processes tend to hit the brakes when you’re in a perma-tense state. So, watch a comedy, meditate, or take a yoga break. It’ll help heaps.

(But let’s not get carried – or flushed – away…)

And you wanna know the beauty of all this?

The beauty’s that, unlike rando powders or supplements (half’ve which don’t even need to be given the green light by the FDA), the options above are all definitely safe. They’re also totally healthy ways to help you lose weight. (In more ways than just the restroom.) The caffeine helps energize you. The fiber fills and regulates your blood glucose (so you won’t start needlessly eating later). The physical movement blasts fat off your body. And the de-stressing not only helps prevent belly fat – but also keeps you from stress munching later.

Which, IMHO, comparatively makes any faux alternative out there… absolute cr@p.

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