Adriana Lima’s go to protein drink

November 10, 2017 Ashley 0 Comments

Are you craving a great protein drink post workout?

But trying to avoid processed powders?

So is Adriana Lima.

Yes, this veteran Victoria’s secret model’s secret for getting protein by natural means is a sweet vegan treat. (That’s truly what a real “angel” would do, after all, right? Go compassionate and plant based?) But unlike the plethora of powders out there, she’s doing something different. No tricks. No fake foods infused with sodium. And no twenty-something dollar buckets of clay tasting dirt. Rather, this elixir is pretty simple. All you do is mix up pureed sweet potato, almond milk, and peanut butter into a smoothie.

And how’s this mix superior to the typical protein powder smoothie?

Well, first off, you’re not getting all the mystery ingredients you would with the pre-packaged powders. (Yes, even the plant based options.) Regardless of where they come from, I feel the need to perform extensive research on all of them before I can enjoy my after-workout smoothie. (And who has the energy for that after an hour’ve HIIT?) Plus, there’s something kinda sketchy about that. But when you do make the au natch switch, some delicious ingredients await you. First off, the peanut butter offers a whopping 8 grams per serving of protein. And that’s great, because most’ve us love the stuff; but just make sure it’s the brand sans all the extra refined sugar. (Your blood glucose levels’ll thank you later). Then, there’s the almond milk (which, obvi, you could sub in soy or cashew for, if you like.)

Alright… but what about the sweet potato? That’s not terribly high in protein, you’re probably saying. And ya know what? You’re right. It might not be. In fact, this might seem too high in carbs to be a successful component of a protein drink. However, research has shown that post workout is the best time to enjoy your high carb faves. Since your metabolic furnace is still on the rampage, it’ll juggernaut through that stuff for the next few hours at least – and even longer if you’ve just finished a high instensity stint at the gym.

And, of course, those workouts are also gonna contribute to you getting Lima level lean and light as an “angel”. But, as she demonstrates with her clean eating, the best bodies’re built in the kitchen. So, make sure that your Adriana-shake isn’t the only fresh ‘n healthy meal you’re sucking down. Balance out those macros via munchies that’re non-processed for your own catwalk worthy body.

Or, ya know… one you can just enjoy living in a bit better.

(*insert emoji wink*)

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